It has happened, I am 32 years old. The thing is I do not feel old (I guess gym helps) or look especially like one, should I be worried? I think not… Things must be different these days, I kinda think that if I am lucky I will get to 80, and probably be able to do most of the things you can in life till at least 70. In that light, I am not old, I am actually pretty young! Thanks God 😉

I recommend checking out my Birthday present in case you are after a Tablet PC. Sony Xperia Tablet Z may look like an odd choice for an owner of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone but it was simply the best (IMHO) Android tablet on a a market I could find. While Samsung creates amazing smartphones, they don’t have anything really good Tablet PC wise. What’s worse, even their coming tablets so far don’t seem to be any better than the Sony’s tablet here. So why the new Sony device (released just few weeks ago)? Well, it is fast (quad core 1.5Ghz; 2GB RAM), beautiful and light, has a decent stable Android 4.1.2 Jellybean (newest versions of Android are not too stable) and has a microSD card expansion port. If that’s not enough, add a waterproofness, dustproofness and Bravia 2 graphics engine making the displayed image and video colours super vibrant. You also get a proper 16:9 widescreen so the device is perfect for movies while whole current iPad family is not. The device also scores up twice more points in 3d graphics tests compared to Nexus 10 so it’s future-proof. If you go for the beauty, you gonna need a matching case with a stand. I highly recommend this one -> Zenus Neo Classic Sony Xperia Tablet Z Case – Black.

Both Sony PS4 and Xbox One consoles have been now fully announced to be released in November this year. It appears that Sony product is everybody’s  favorite at the moment, but this may change as Microsoft started to change a strategy, like dropping the DRM and I would not be surprised if they drop a price or include a game for free with every new box, as well. You also get Kinect 2 and possibly better home entertainment control device with speech recognition on Xbox. Unfortunately, games for both consoles will be sky high in prices (55GBP+) which effectively puts me off as an owner of decent PC computer with gaming capabilities, where games are costing half or less than that. Yes, I cannot really sell my games but I don’t need to pay any subscriptions to play the games online, too. There is also a chance that console game makers will come up with some kind of limitations on online gaming of games installed off one disc, but we do not really know that yet.

What most of us knew anyway, has been recently proven, we are/can be spied on. The whistleblower Snowden, former CIA technician has revealed that giants as Google or Facebook can give direct/in-direct access to everything they have on us. Also, it is apparently normal for agencies (well at least for NSA) to tap to  fiber data links and extract anything they need… While spying is a very old way of getting information, it just looks way too easy and then so dangerous, as the information collected could be given/acquired and then used by wrong people. An interesting article about all that spying can be found on Gizmodo. If you would like to get some privacy/anonymity, check those: Startpage Annonymous Websearch using Google but not letting it spying on you, Web Browsing Annonimizer Tor and GnuPG email and file encryption or email only Djigzo. All  the above will fail if somebody manages to install rootkit/keylogger/etc… software on your device which logs anything you do. Try using a good, paid software like Kaspersky Internet Security but bear in kind no software will  give you 100% security.

On a good note, it is Summer time. More sunshine = more ways of spending free time i.e. playing Tennis outdoor. Taking Tennis, Wimbledon starts today!

Sony Xperia Tablet Z