Finally, the spring is here! And who would believe that just a couple weeks ago, there was snow falling in many parts of UK and Europe. I only wish the anomally continues and we get here in North West UK, a dry, warm and sunny Summer 😉

What’s new? A lot!

PS4 gaming console has been announced. It will have higher-end PC-like stuff in it which, should be good for both console and PC players. It will enable developers to create the games for both platforms and to port them across much much quicker and easier. The console will offer a lot of new features, i.e. standby mode will suspend your game where you were for almost instant resume when you want it back on. While in that standby mode, your console will be doing any needed updates, so you can just use it when you want in, no waiting. There will a Kinect-like optical sensor with mics which will work with the new, much improved game pads. Sony is also making the gaming a lot more social. PS4 will be letting you watch friends’ games in progress, offer tips and recommendations and even take control of their game. The current release date is Holidays period 2013, bear in mind, that this can change. You can find the details on TechRadar. Not much is known about the competing new Xbox; it will most likely going to be released around the same time as PS4, probably with a much improved Kinect 2 sold with the console as standard. An interesting article on the matter can be read on T3 website.

A fresh rumor says that new iPhone 6 will look amazing. I am not an iPhone fan but I have to say that this looks really really nice. Check it out, now!

More technology-wise? Ok; the Windows 8 still has low sales and everytime I speak with somebody that use/used it, I hear it is not good. It’s apparently ok on a high-end touch screen computers but apart of this, it’s not good at all. Another mater that it really should be called something like Windows Touch, not 8, as it can be hardly seen as Windows series continuation.

Game of Thrones, an epic fantasy adult show continues with recently started Season 3. This a-little-more-than-a-little-too-sex-fulled show is just purely awesome. If you like a fantasy, dense, quickly changing plots and top-end acting, this is just for you. More info can be found on Wikipedia. Bear in mind that HBO still makes it difficult/impossible to watch the show legally straigh away, you will need to wait to rent/buy it if you don’t have Sky Atlantic access in UK or HBO elsewhere. If you not that super rushed, Lovefilm has added the show finally to their offer, as well as Blinkbox service. You can currently rent both season 1 and 2. The latter service will let you buy single episodes for 2 quid so there is no excuse not to try it!

And after a looong wait, Android 4.1.2 aka Jelly Bean OS update is available in UK for Samsung Galaxy S2 phones. Bear in mind that not all networks may have it just yet. Short but nice article about it can be found on SamMobile site. If you do the update and get into problems (as I did), do a backup using Kies and then a factory data reset. If you have the smartphone data encrypted, decrypt it, too; do that prior to the factory reset. Once the OS is restored to the factory state, proceed with update (best done from the phone itself -> Kies is problematic). Once done, do your data restore with Kies. Bear in mind if you have for example Google sync enabled, some of your data will be backed and then restored but DO NOT TRUST it, do a backup anyway before the OS update/factory reset.

That would be it… ahh, one more thing: if you happen to be a bird in some not-too-distant future and would like to see something really nice, go and see London’s Skyline. If you’re human and you would like to see it now, then go to Gizmodo’s article.

UK Spring Photo