Once you have a lovely wife (or a long term girlfriend), a good job, a car and a house your are pretty much sorted. That has happened to me some time ago and life became somewhat less exciting. It could be just me but I have a feeling that you need some deep passion or something like that next to keep an edge to the life.

I have got lucky; I have become a daddy :)

From Tech world news -> Samsung Galaxy S6 and its Edge variant have been released. While S6 is crowned simply the best “Android” smartphone on a market, the Edge has a little bad press. Some say the curved screen is a gimmick, some say it shatters easily if broken and it is not hard to do just that and that this variant has problems with gyroscope which overheats and freezes making the things like auto-rotate cease to work. Well, while some of that and to some degree maybe currently true (but will not stay for long), it is normal for state-of-art, original or saying plainly AWESOME things. The above and a fact that apparently Edge is being sought-after in UK more than standard version makes the handset widely… unavailable, and there is no date on when enough units will be provided to serve all pre and current orders here :( (update) As I have found out from a good source the official(ish) reason for the delay of Edges (btw, guess what’s a new name for the IE replacement? 🙂 is a complete surprise of the demand of curved screen phone variant where only one of over 40 Samsung factories worldwide was made to produce the special screens for the handset.

General technical problems don’t exclude a mighty Apple. Their Apple Watch is heavilly delayed due to problems with its Taptic Engine and probably more, as it is just hard to put that thing altogether. I do give Apple a credit as it looks like a solid device, and as usually their marketing is great, there is a watch for everybody, well, nearly, as the base one is not actually cheap and at the moment won’t do much without an iPhone in range. Still, I do like it (and it was not easy thinkg to admit…).

On 7th May there is a UK general election. We are going to pick our MPs which will then form a new government. It looks like it will have to be Labour, but can you really trust them, can you trust anybody really with picking good changes & blocking bad ones to improve things for us all, not just the wealthy?

Finally, Microsoft is close to release its really revolutionary operating system Windows 10. I am not even going to try to list new changes on Win 8.1, for details see the Tech Radar page which gets regular updates. IMHO, it is going to be awesome.

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