I am sorry, I have been busy, lazy, tired, had nothing interesting to write about, had too much pizza, faithless… You pick, one. Yes, I have not written for months, but I am back!

So what have we missed? iPhone has grown up 😉 Windows 8 is out and nobody uses it (but it will change in 1-3 years). A next gen (or so they say current gen…) console Wii U is finally out thanks to Nintendo, brilliant thing for a family with youngsters but not necessary the rest.

Chelsea was winning Premier League and now they… are at only 4th place and got a new manager (which probably won’t help). United is back to the top.

Best-in-a-many-ways computer FPP shooter Battlefield 3 has sold well over 15 millions already (of course looks best on a PC, especially one you’ve spend 1000 GBP+ on), the overpriced-and-should-be-free Premium version has not sold anywhere close as well as the vanilla version and won’t unless become free or 10GBP.

I don’t eat wheat for some time now as apparently it is worse than fat and sugar and I have started going to the gym again and I love it this time – thank you Pure Gym. Made my 5k treadmill run today in a record 30 min.

…and Amazon UK has just had its Black Friday week (what’s a bizarre name!?) and made any couriers and Royal Mail people work a nightmare (plus made loads of money, especially because not paying that much taxes). Regardless the “downsides”, the Amazon UK week made loads of people happy (which includes myself) and for many made the Christmas come in November this year 😉

I promise to write soon, possibly review one of my new gadgets.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

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