“After anti-EU parties surge, what’s ahead”

headlines say as far-right parties gain everywhere in recent European elections. It is actually pretty interesting what is ahead.  Is that a beginning of the end of EU? Well, very unlikely. It is a wake up call for whole EU as it is time for a change. Complete lack of public information re EU saying what, how, when and why -> must change. Too much politics and not enough strategy for competing with likes of China, Russia or USA, have to stop. So, for that reason I am happy that UKIP has gained so much in UK as this will hopefully open a proper debate on EU and our membership in it. The Anti-EU party gains EU-wide should start a chain of events, changes, to make things better inside the whole European Union, too. Finally, when the 2016 (UK) EU opt-out/opt-in referendum will be hosted, most of the people will hopefully say YES to vote for favour of staying in. Some very interesting lecture can be found in The Telegraph article, another one there, and The Economist one.

Elsewhere… Netflix UK is back again the exciting platform for legal movies streaming. If you are a type of TV series fan, you will be extra happy with the service as there are more, more and more great ones getting availble there. A great example would be Netflix made House of Cards. It is a state-of-the-art political drama, which will make you want to see more and more and more… Highly recommended and it could help you become “better” person, too.

In gaming world news you cannot miss the big name everywhere – Watch Dogs.  This novelty game is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and the PC from today (steam link here). Wii U version is in works with a later release date. The idea of the game is that you play in not-that-far-from-now inter-connected world where all can be hacked to your advantage. The game supposed to be incredibly exciting to play and looks just awesome (on a PC with Nvidia card at least…). The way it is done, those mechanics, that excitment of doing something illegal, open world adventure, it is all there. Early reviews can be found on Trusted Reviews and gamesradar, but are those real ones or put in after hacking into those sites?… There is however a stink with a PC version where you will need an Nvidia card to get the most of the game. It will run on AMD cards, too, but due to lack of the optimisation will not look or run that well at the moment. But… just before you rush to spend your hard earned (or not 😉 money, go to the Metacritics gamers reviews which are… mostly unfavourable. Players are not happy with many things but mostly they find the game boring after some time which seems to be due to the fact that the game is simply not fully finished. They call that a game is too easy to control (hacking) and not looking that great on consoles as they would like it. You have been warned.

Finally, there is a chance that in a future we will all be driving… on solar freakin roadways!

See you soon, that’s a promise. anti-eu2