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Once you have a lovely wife (or a long term girlfriend), a good job, a car and a house your are pretty much sorted. That has happened to me some time ago and life became somewhat less exciting. It could be just me but I have a feeling that you need some deep passion or something like that next to keep an edge to the life.

I have got lucky; I have become a daddy :)

From Tech world news -> Samsung Galaxy S6 and its Edge variant have been released. While S6 is crowned simply the best “Android” smartphone on a market, the Edge has a little bad press. Some say the curved screen is a gimmick, some say it shatters easily if broken and it is not hard to do just that and that this variant has problems with gyroscope which overheats and freezes making the things like auto-rotate cease to work. Well, while some of that and to some degree maybe currently true (but will not stay for long), it is normal for state-of-art, original or saying plainly AWESOME things. The above and a fact that apparently Edge is being sought-after in UK more than standard version makes the handset widely… unavailable, and there is no date on when enough units will be provided to serve all pre and current orders here :( (update) As I have found out from a good source the official(ish) reason for the delay of Edges (btw, guess what’s a new name for the IE replacement? 🙂 is a complete surprise of the demand of curved screen phone variant where only one of over 40 Samsung factories worldwide was made to produce the special screens for the handset.

General technical problems don’t exclude a mighty Apple. Their Apple Watch is heavilly delayed due to problems with its Taptic Engine and probably more, as it is just hard to put that thing altogether. I do give Apple a credit as it looks like a solid device, and as usually their marketing is great, there is a watch for everybody, well, nearly, as the base one is not actually cheap and at the moment won’t do much without an iPhone in range. Still, I do like it (and it was not easy thinkg to admit…).

On 7th May there is a UK general election. We are going to pick our MPs which will then form a new government. It looks like it will have to be Labour, but can you really trust them, can you trust anybody really with picking good changes & blocking bad ones to improve things for us all, not just the wealthy?

Finally, Microsoft is close to release its really revolutionary operating system Windows 10. I am not even going to try to list new changes on Win 8.1, for details see the Tech Radar page which gets regular updates. IMHO, it is going to be awesome.

Thanks for reading and please do comment. I would love to know what you think about the things I have written about here. See you! It's a Boy!

These are eventfull times!

iPhones 5c and 5s have been released. Apple iPhone 5c (comes in 5 colours) which does not stand for cheap (as it is not) is made of average (if not cheap…) plastic and feels way too heavy in hand. It’s a great example of how to try to make loads of money by not releasing anything special from Apple. The Apple iPhone 5s (which I have not played with yet; comes in 3 nice colours) is a solid phone but again with hardly anything new compared to iPhone 5. Add to it its crazy price (i.e. 629GBP for 32GB version) and you got the solid but most un-inspiring overpriced piece of technology you can get these days. Of course, both phones come with very good upgraded (apart of the icons which look terrible) iOS, the 7, but older iPhones are upgradable to it, too.

Elsewhere, you have got a great example of superb phone for those with big appetites and not small hands -> Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is an exceptional piece of technology.

It would be rude not to mention a new kid on the block. The previously unknown maker is trying (and making) its way to European markets with its decent Android smartphones and a Windows one. Those come with very good (read _low_) price tags. Huawei is what we are talking about here. It’s apparently the largest telecommunication equipment maker in the world. Its headquarters are in Chine but other operations there and there. H is a quite young but lively company which for example overtook Ericsson last year. They offer an ultra slim Huawei Ascend P6 smarthpone which is 4.7-inch screen, a 1.5GHz quad core processor and 2GB of RAM with only 8GB total space but expandable with microSD slot. Like there, the phone gets decent reviews and costs 310GBP @ Amazon UK for example.

Elsewhere, United States has become governmentless. For details why it is shut down, please make your way there. It is quite crazy if you think of this at first but then if you have the most Democratic nation in the world of which ruling people cannot agree on things, then that’s exactly what can happen. Well, it is still damn crazy…

At least but no at last let’s talk about gaming news. Battlefield 4 Beta is now open to all on PC, PS3 and XBox 360. For info how to get to play it go to official BF4 Beta FAQ. The game will be available for PlayStation 4 starting November 12 (US)/November 29 (Europe), and Xbox One @ November 19 (US) and November 22 (Europe). The PC version I have been playing is good. They have not broken the game, it is slightly faster than BF3 and all main mechanisms making the previous game awesome are kept. BF4 has got more detailed environment on the whole and so massive potential but it’s not really shown in the beta. Everything is improved from the mentioned graphics, through map and layouts design (inc. lovely bluish Battlelog), to improved VOIP capatibility and physics. Nice review on the product can be found on Gadgetreview. The question is the PC version of the game worth the whole PC upgrade “investment” to get more and less the same you had in BF3?

If you do decide to play the BF4 PC beta, here are few tips (otherwise skip to next paragpraph): 1) Install it on SSD drive if you can as game loads for ever on hdd. 2) Prepare for micro-shuttering if you only have 4GB of system memory. 3) Make sure you have at least 1GB RAM GPU otherwise don’t install it. 2GB GPU is needed for pleasant gaming. 4) Do not force the settings to ULTRA if you don’t have 8GB system RAM or more, decent GPU with 2GB RAM min and some very good quad core or more CPU. If you do, the game will likely crash and you will not be able to start it again. If that happens to you, Google where settings are kept and change the config file to fix it.

And finally, Valve’s Steam is expanding to our living rooms. The technology will let you play your favourites games (well, we will see…) in a near future on your telly without having to buy a console and paying crazy money for the games on it. You will use so called SteamBox which may even come boxed with your telly. Steam has just shown its ground-breaking Steam Controller which is quite a revolution in game pads department. Make sure you check it out.

And that’s it… well, I was not going to but will mention one more thing. There are few smartwatches now on the market which you can get. Those vary in features and looks but share a few things; all are small, quite useless, probably bad for your health and have a really poor battery life for what they are. If you really can’t stop yourself from checking your mobile every 5 min and would like not to have to take it off your pocket/bag, feel free to get one of them. There are also few more usefull ones which will help you keep healthy lifestyle. The reviews of can be found there. Otherwise, let’s wait 2 years and see what happens.


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