Easter Bunnies and Eggs

Happy Easter time all my lovely Blog readers!!!

Happy Easter time everybody! Hope you are having a prime time with your friends and/or family or doing any interesting things you like to do, but normally, have no time for.

What’s in the world?

Well, you can buy a new Commodore C64, the “x” one, assuming your nostalgia is stronger than estetic needs… The computer actually comes with a very decent procesor, GPU and other stuff so it’s not bad at all really. Elsewhere, Skyrim, the best ever computer RPG game made, gets a new 1.5 patch update. You can find the details there. The new patch fixes a large number of small bugs, but more important, adds features like new cinematic kill cameras for projectile weapons and spells, new kill moves and animations for melee weapons, and graphical improvements like grass shadows. I guess I will have to find at least some time this Easter to check this out.

Android 4.0 tablets are starting to surface in the World, some of them with price tags below 100GBP, which is amazing! Not that amaz(on)ing for sales of devices like Kindle Fire, though 😉 Maybe a good idea to write about 7inch and larger Android brothers one day.

This post is not going to be that long as I have to do some more Easter cleaning before friends visit tomorrow, sorry.

What are you up to? Please let me know by commenting to this post.