I was browsing the Internet on Friday and quite accidently opened a website where I was told Blizzard is hosting an open public beta of Diablo III this weekend.

While, I am not a die-hard fan of Diablo franchise (Elder Scrolls is my kind of RPG games really), I have spent many hours of night time playing Diablo when I was young.

I remember the games were utterly addictive and “only one more level…” thoughts were a norm while playing around 1-2am in the morning.

So, I have downloaded the game quite quickly thanks to fast broadband (it took around 15min) and started to install it. Once installed, I had to retrieve my Battle.net account details which took me a while, but, that was nothing… The trouble started when I tried to login with the correct details. Basically, the European servers decided to give me an error message (“Error 3003”) every time I tried to login. After many tries and googling around, I found that changing to US servers in the config should help. Eventually, after many additional tries I did get to connect successfully, however “servers are full” message will be present in my dreams to come for days.

So, is the new Diablo III any good?

Well, it’s georgeous! You can feel the old good Diablo in it, fantastic background music, graphics and effects. Loads of NPCs to speak and fight along with, loooads of items to find, and beautifully ugly monsters to slash or kill by other means.

IMHO, Blizzard has actually put too many items now, and it’s too easy to find magical ones, too. You can probably fix it by playing on higher difficulty level so that’s not a problem.

It looks like the game will work on not so powerful machines too, which is good for all of you which don’t spend on computers that much anymore. I could run it on maximum resolution and highest graphics details settings with a very smooth gameplay while not having a ridiculous expensive or new set.

So, if you are a Diablo addict or would like to try something new from the company which makes great games like Starcraft or WoW, that’s a title for you. Diablo III is coming out next month, on 15th May.