It is already Wednesday, the 4th of April. Easter is almost here which makes me and many people quite happy due to extra days off and a chance to see some friends and family. I hope you feel in the similar way or maybe you are a religious person and it is also special for you on another level.

A week or so ago, there was around 20 centigrades with plenty of sunshine and today it was chilli, rainy and even a bit snowy with temperature up to 6 degrees. We here in Manchester UK area are used to quite bad, cloudy and rainy weather so the recent sunshine and above-average “hot” Summer-like temperatures were a real treat.

As weather, my Blog has been changing quite a lot recently. I have now introduced Blog’s RSS feed you can subscribe to, the posts with thumbnails are also listed in the sidebar and at the very bottom you will find LIKE Facebook and Post to Tweeter functions. Please let me know is there anything that annoys you or missing here.

Due to high popularity of my SGS2 ICS OS update review, I am thinking about writing a second part of it or rewriting the original post. After few more days of using the phone with new OS I have noticed new nice improvements and also spotted some new issues.

Thank you for reading my Blog. I hope to see you here again!