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Welcome to my VR (=Virtual Reality) special post!

Before I start getting into way-too-many details on VR 😉 let’s see what has been happening recently around.

First of all, Russia has joined anti-terrorist fights in Syria and they are actually making a good progress there. It would be all fine and dandy if they were a bit more selective on who terrorists are and who’s not as they seem to attack all(ish) of them including groups backed and armed by the United States. That, as you can imagine, is not liked by all. Unfortunately, we don’t know what really pushed Russia to the war. Is that a need of more peace in the World or the fact that Syria’s crude oil sold on illegal markets is a factor in the world oil’s price getting lower and lower and Russia being 2nd (after Saudi Arabia) biggest world exporter is losing a lot of money they could potentially make.

…and now for something completely different.

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony called simply “Oscars” was held last night (from 12.00am UK time). For a lovely article about it go to this post made by The Washington Post. In brief, Mad Max: Fury Road got as many as 6 Oscars, which makes it the biggest winner. The best picture award went to a movie “Spotlight”. Leonardo DiCaprio has finally got his own statuette, as a best lead actor, for the movie “The Revenant”. Quite a surprise is the best original song award which went to… “Writing’s on the Wall” from “Spectre”, music and lyric by Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith. Sam (+ many others…) was well gobsmacked. He has dedicated the Oscar to the LGBT.

Potential UK exit from EU has made quite a stir internationally. The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum will be held on 23 June 2016. Cameron’s “rather” weak deal on changes if UK to stay does not help, either. The Telegraph has prepared a very informative article on the topic. It feels like it’s all a bit too quick and random as most voters have no idea what are advantages and disadvantages of the potential exit are, nor the UK is prepared for all the changes that would have to be done if we to go our own way. One thing is for sure, if we exit, the pound will lose a lot of value which will mean way more expensive holidays abroad for us all, which may be a deal breaker 😉 More seriously, it can be years for any benefits of exiting the EU to be seen. Please don’t leave that matter to others, do your own research, have a think and go and do cast your vote as it is a BIGGIE.

In the world of smartphones, Samsung has recently announced its new flagship model(s), the Galaxy S7 (and S7 Edge). From the few but significant changes over the S6 are the microSD external card support, waterproofness, improved low-light camera (a lot!) and the larger and still fast charging battery. There is a good CPU and GPU power boost over the S6 as well. Trusted Reviews offers a rare and quite detailed review on their page.

Ok, what I was going to write about here?! Ahh, yeah, the VR!

While probably most of your family and friends spending mostly their money on booze and travels (I don’t judge, 300 days a year of clouds and or rain in places like Manchester area is not an easy thing to withstand) would call it just another bizarre gadget that no-one will use, they may be wrong this time around.

Virtual Reality has similar potential to revolutionise our lives as the computers or Internet have done. VR systems are primarily made of headsets (HMD=head-mounted display). The headsets with built-in displays have a technology to detect the head movements quickly and accurately which is used to immerse the user into the 3d environment by changing the displays’ view accordingly. The display depth can be controlled thanks to dual displays – that works like a 3d goggles you may have used in your living room or a cinema. More advanced VR sets come with extra dedicated peripherals like wireless, 3d space tracked controllers for hands and/or laser stations being able to track your whole body position. In short, the immersion can be almost total to the point one can mistake being in a room with HMD on his head for actually being in a jungle watching dangerous animals, walking on a thin line over the waterfall or being the Red Baron flying an airplane during World War 1 looking constantly around for more enemies to shot down.

Examples of VR games can be checked in the Tech Radar’s article.

So, it is all about computer gaming again? Nope.

VR will eventually allow organisations like NASA to train better their future cosmonauts, or immerse public in space worlds like with this Mars trips project.

VR will allow for even better remote surgeries and training. Interactive VR movies are already being worked on, as well. Virtual Reality can make you actually use your exercise bike as will make your journey exciting. Tourism industry can choose VR to give you a sneak peek on what to expect on the holidays they sell and car companies will try to immerse you on how it is to drive their best ever cars. Are you good in painting? How about 3d painting?

The possibilities are endless.

There are already two VR solutions that can be pre-ordered with deliveries in April or later this year. First is Oculus Rift owned by Facebook. It’s UK price is £500 (+ tax & shipping) and you will need a decent PC to run it. Another one is Vive Pre made by HTC with Steam’s co-operation. This headset is superior to the Oculus as comes with two hand controllers (3d space detection) and room scale technology allowing for full body movements being captured within your room. This full set with two full games and an application is priced £746.60 in UK including shipping and taxes. The same as the Oculus Rift, the system works with a decent Windows PC. You can check whether your rig is good enough by running the SteamVR Performance Test.

If I have managed to capture your imagination, you can read more about Virtual Reality on many web portals. Some worth mentioning are VRfocus, The Guardian’s VR section and ExtremeTech.

Thank you for reading and bloody well done! My post was not small at all this time; it was made using 1100 words in total to be precise.

Once you have a lovely wife (or a long term girlfriend), a good job, a car and a house your are pretty much sorted. That has happened to me some time ago and life became somewhat less exciting. It could be just me but I have a feeling that you need some deep passion or something like that next to keep an edge to the life.

I have got lucky; I have become a daddy :)

From Tech world news -> Samsung Galaxy S6 and its Edge variant have been released. While S6 is crowned simply the best “Android” smartphone on a market, the Edge has a little bad press. Some say the curved screen is a gimmick, some say it shatters easily if broken and it is not hard to do just that and that this variant has problems with gyroscope which overheats and freezes making the things like auto-rotate cease to work. Well, while some of that and to some degree maybe currently true (but will not stay for long), it is normal for state-of-art, original or saying plainly AWESOME things. The above and a fact that apparently Edge is being sought-after in UK more than standard version makes the handset widely… unavailable, and there is no date on when enough units will be provided to serve all pre and current orders here :( (update) As I have found out from a good source the official(ish) reason for the delay of Edges (btw, guess what’s a new name for the IE replacement? 🙂 is a complete surprise of the demand of curved screen phone variant where only one of over 40 Samsung factories worldwide was made to produce the special screens for the handset.

General technical problems don’t exclude a mighty Apple. Their Apple Watch is heavilly delayed due to problems with its Taptic Engine and probably more, as it is just hard to put that thing altogether. I do give Apple a credit as it looks like a solid device, and as usually their marketing is great, there is a watch for everybody, well, nearly, as the base one is not actually cheap and at the moment won’t do much without an iPhone in range. Still, I do like it (and it was not easy thinkg to admit…).

On 7th May there is a UK general election. We are going to pick our MPs which will then form a new government. It looks like it will have to be Labour, but can you really trust them, can you trust anybody really with picking good changes & blocking bad ones to improve things for us all, not just the wealthy?

Finally, Microsoft is close to release its really revolutionary operating system Windows 10. I am not even going to try to list new changes on Win 8.1, for details see the Tech Radar page which gets regular updates. IMHO, it is going to be awesome.

Thanks for reading and please do comment. I would love to know what you think about the things I have written about here. See you! It's a Boy!

“After anti-EU parties surge, what’s ahead”

headlines say as far-right parties gain everywhere in recent European elections. It is actually pretty interesting what is ahead.  Is that a beginning of the end of EU? Well, very unlikely. It is a wake up call for whole EU as it is time for a change. Complete lack of public information re EU saying what, how, when and why -> must change. Too much politics and not enough strategy for competing with likes of China, Russia or USA, have to stop. So, for that reason I am happy that UKIP has gained so much in UK as this will hopefully open a proper debate on EU and our membership in it. The Anti-EU party gains EU-wide should start a chain of events, changes, to make things better inside the whole European Union, too. Finally, when the 2016 (UK) EU opt-out/opt-in referendum will be hosted, most of the people will hopefully say YES to vote for favour of staying in. Some very interesting lecture can be found in The Telegraph article, another one there, and The Economist one.

Elsewhere… Netflix UK is back again the exciting platform for legal movies streaming. If you are a type of TV series fan, you will be extra happy with the service as there are more, more and more great ones getting availble there. A great example would be Netflix made House of Cards. It is a state-of-the-art political drama, which will make you want to see more and more and more… Highly recommended and it could help you become “better” person, too.

In gaming world news you cannot miss the big name everywhere – Watch Dogs.  This novelty game is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and the PC from today (steam link here). Wii U version is in works with a later release date. The idea of the game is that you play in not-that-far-from-now inter-connected world where all can be hacked to your advantage. The game supposed to be incredibly exciting to play and looks just awesome (on a PC with Nvidia card at least…). The way it is done, those mechanics, that excitment of doing something illegal, open world adventure, it is all there. Early reviews can be found on Trusted Reviews and gamesradar, but are those real ones or put in after hacking into those sites?… There is however a stink with a PC version where you will need an Nvidia card to get the most of the game. It will run on AMD cards, too, but due to lack of the optimisation will not look or run that well at the moment. But… just before you rush to spend your hard earned (or not 😉 money, go to the Metacritics gamers reviews which are… mostly unfavourable. Players are not happy with many things but mostly they find the game boring after some time which seems to be due to the fact that the game is simply not fully finished. They call that a game is too easy to control (hacking) and not looking that great on consoles as they would like it. You have been warned.

Finally, there is a chance that in a future we will all be driving… on solar freakin roadways!

See you soon, that’s a promise. anti-eu2

These are eventfull times!

iPhones 5c and 5s have been released. Apple iPhone 5c (comes in 5 colours) which does not stand for cheap (as it is not) is made of average (if not cheap…) plastic and feels way too heavy in hand. It’s a great example of how to try to make loads of money by not releasing anything special from Apple. The Apple iPhone 5s (which I have not played with yet; comes in 3 nice colours) is a solid phone but again with hardly anything new compared to iPhone 5. Add to it its crazy price (i.e. 629GBP for 32GB version) and you got the solid but most un-inspiring overpriced piece of technology you can get these days. Of course, both phones come with very good upgraded (apart of the icons which look terrible) iOS, the 7, but older iPhones are upgradable to it, too.

Elsewhere, you have got a great example of superb phone for those with big appetites and not small hands -> Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is an exceptional piece of technology.

It would be rude not to mention a new kid on the block. The previously unknown maker is trying (and making) its way to European markets with its decent Android smartphones and a Windows one. Those come with very good (read _low_) price tags. Huawei is what we are talking about here. It’s apparently the largest telecommunication equipment maker in the world. Its headquarters are in Chine but other operations there and there. H is a quite young but lively company which for example overtook Ericsson last year. They offer an ultra slim Huawei Ascend P6 smarthpone which is 4.7-inch screen, a 1.5GHz quad core processor and 2GB of RAM with only 8GB total space but expandable with microSD slot. Like there, the phone gets decent reviews and costs 310GBP @ Amazon UK for example.

Elsewhere, United States has become governmentless. For details why it is shut down, please make your way there. It is quite crazy if you think of this at first but then if you have the most Democratic nation in the world of which ruling people cannot agree on things, then that’s exactly what can happen. Well, it is still damn crazy…

At least but no at last let’s talk about gaming news. Battlefield 4 Beta is now open to all on PC, PS3 and XBox 360. For info how to get to play it go to official BF4 Beta FAQ. The game will be available for PlayStation 4 starting November 12 (US)/November 29 (Europe), and Xbox One @ November 19 (US) and November 22 (Europe). The PC version I have been playing is good. They have not broken the game, it is slightly faster than BF3 and all main mechanisms making the previous game awesome are kept. BF4 has got more detailed environment on the whole and so massive potential but it’s not really shown in the beta. Everything is improved from the mentioned graphics, through map and layouts design (inc. lovely bluish Battlelog), to improved VOIP capatibility and physics. Nice review on the product can be found on Gadgetreview. The question is the PC version of the game worth the whole PC upgrade “investment” to get more and less the same you had in BF3?

If you do decide to play the BF4 PC beta, here are few tips (otherwise skip to next paragpraph): 1) Install it on SSD drive if you can as game loads for ever on hdd. 2) Prepare for micro-shuttering if you only have 4GB of system memory. 3) Make sure you have at least 1GB RAM GPU otherwise don’t install it. 2GB GPU is needed for pleasant gaming. 4) Do not force the settings to ULTRA if you don’t have 8GB system RAM or more, decent GPU with 2GB RAM min and some very good quad core or more CPU. If you do, the game will likely crash and you will not be able to start it again. If that happens to you, Google where settings are kept and change the config file to fix it.

And finally, Valve’s Steam is expanding to our living rooms. The technology will let you play your favourites games (well, we will see…) in a near future on your telly without having to buy a console and paying crazy money for the games on it. You will use so called SteamBox which may even come boxed with your telly. Steam has just shown its ground-breaking Steam Controller which is quite a revolution in game pads department. Make sure you check it out.

And that’s it… well, I was not going to but will mention one more thing. There are few smartwatches now on the market which you can get. Those vary in features and looks but share a few things; all are small, quite useless, probably bad for your health and have a really poor battery life for what they are. If you really can’t stop yourself from checking your mobile every 5 min and would like not to have to take it off your pocket/bag, feel free to get one of them. There are also few more usefull ones which will help you keep healthy lifestyle. The reviews of can be found there. Otherwise, let’s wait 2 years and see what happens.


It has happened, I am 32 years old. The thing is I do not feel old (I guess gym helps) or look especially like one, should I be worried? I think not… Things must be different these days, I kinda think that if I am lucky I will get to 80, and probably be able to do most of the things you can in life till at least 70. In that light, I am not old, I am actually pretty young! Thanks God 😉

I recommend checking out my Birthday present in case you are after a Tablet PC. Sony Xperia Tablet Z may look like an odd choice for an owner of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone but it was simply the best (IMHO) Android tablet on a a market I could find. While Samsung creates amazing smartphones, they don’t have anything really good Tablet PC wise. What’s worse, even their coming tablets so far don’t seem to be any better than the Sony’s tablet here. So why the new Sony device (released just few weeks ago)? Well, it is fast (quad core 1.5Ghz; 2GB RAM), beautiful and light, has a decent stable Android 4.1.2 Jellybean (newest versions of Android are not too stable) and has a microSD card expansion port. If that’s not enough, add a waterproofness, dustproofness and Bravia 2 graphics engine making the displayed image and video colours super vibrant. You also get a proper 16:9 widescreen so the device is perfect for movies while whole current iPad family is not. The device also scores up twice more points in 3d graphics tests compared to Nexus 10 so it’s future-proof. If you go for the beauty, you gonna need a matching case with a stand. I highly recommend this one -> Zenus Neo Classic Sony Xperia Tablet Z Case – Black.

Both Sony PS4 and Xbox One consoles have been now fully announced to be released in November this year. It appears that Sony product is everybody’s  favorite at the moment, but this may change as Microsoft started to change a strategy, like dropping the DRM and I would not be surprised if they drop a price or include a game for free with every new box, as well. You also get Kinect 2 and possibly better home entertainment control device with speech recognition on Xbox. Unfortunately, games for both consoles will be sky high in prices (55GBP+) which effectively puts me off as an owner of decent PC computer with gaming capabilities, where games are costing half or less than that. Yes, I cannot really sell my games but I don’t need to pay any subscriptions to play the games online, too. There is also a chance that console game makers will come up with some kind of limitations on online gaming of games installed off one disc, but we do not really know that yet.

What most of us knew anyway, has been recently proven, we are/can be spied on. The whistleblower Snowden, former CIA technician has revealed that giants as Google or Facebook can give direct/in-direct access to everything they have on us. Also, it is apparently normal for agencies (well at least for NSA) to tap to  fiber data links and extract anything they need… While spying is a very old way of getting information, it just looks way too easy and then so dangerous, as the information collected could be given/acquired and then used by wrong people. An interesting article about all that spying can be found on Gizmodo. If you would like to get some privacy/anonymity, check those: Startpage Annonymous Websearch using Google but not letting it spying on you, Web Browsing Annonimizer Tor and GnuPG email and file encryption or email only Djigzo. All  the above will fail if somebody manages to install rootkit/keylogger/etc… software on your device which logs anything you do. Try using a good, paid software like Kaspersky Internet Security but bear in kind no software will  give you 100% security.

On a good note, it is Summer time. More sunshine = more ways of spending free time i.e. playing Tennis outdoor. Taking Tennis, Wimbledon starts today!

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Finally, the spring is here! And who would believe that just a couple weeks ago, there was snow falling in many parts of UK and Europe. I only wish the anomally continues and we get here in North West UK, a dry, warm and sunny Summer 😉

What’s new? A lot!

PS4 gaming console has been announced. It will have higher-end PC-like stuff in it which, should be good for both console and PC players. It will enable developers to create the games for both platforms and to port them across much much quicker and easier. The console will offer a lot of new features, i.e. standby mode will suspend your game where you were for almost instant resume when you want it back on. While in that standby mode, your console will be doing any needed updates, so you can just use it when you want in, no waiting. There will a Kinect-like optical sensor with mics which will work with the new, much improved game pads. Sony is also making the gaming a lot more social. PS4 will be letting you watch friends’ games in progress, offer tips and recommendations and even take control of their game. The current release date is Holidays period 2013, bear in mind, that this can change. You can find the details on TechRadar. Not much is known about the competing new Xbox; it will most likely going to be released around the same time as PS4, probably with a much improved Kinect 2 sold with the console as standard. An interesting article on the matter can be read on T3 website.

A fresh rumor says that new iPhone 6 will look amazing. I am not an iPhone fan but I have to say that this looks really really nice. Check it out, now!

More technology-wise? Ok; the Windows 8 still has low sales and everytime I speak with somebody that use/used it, I hear it is not good. It’s apparently ok on a high-end touch screen computers but apart of this, it’s not good at all. Another mater that it really should be called something like Windows Touch, not 8, as it can be hardly seen as Windows series continuation.

Game of Thrones, an epic fantasy adult show continues with recently started Season 3. This a-little-more-than-a-little-too-sex-fulled show is just purely awesome. If you like a fantasy, dense, quickly changing plots and top-end acting, this is just for you. More info can be found on Wikipedia. Bear in mind that HBO still makes it difficult/impossible to watch the show legally straigh away, you will need to wait to rent/buy it if you don’t have Sky Atlantic access in UK or HBO elsewhere. If you not that super rushed, Lovefilm has added the show finally to their offer, as well as Blinkbox service. You can currently rent both season 1 and 2. The latter service will let you buy single episodes for 2 quid so there is no excuse not to try it!

And after a looong wait, Android 4.1.2 aka Jelly Bean OS update is available in UK for Samsung Galaxy S2 phones. Bear in mind that not all networks may have it just yet. Short but nice article about it can be found on SamMobile site. If you do the update and get into problems (as I did), do a backup using Kies and then a factory data reset. If you have the smartphone data encrypted, decrypt it, too; do that prior to the factory reset. Once the OS is restored to the factory state, proceed with update (best done from the phone itself -> Kies is problematic). Once done, do your data restore with Kies. Bear in mind if you have for example Google sync enabled, some of your data will be backed and then restored but DO NOT TRUST it, do a backup anyway before the OS update/factory reset.

That would be it… ahh, one more thing: if you happen to be a bird in some not-too-distant future and would like to see something really nice, go and see London’s Skyline. If you’re human and you would like to see it now, then go to Gizmodo’s article.

UK Spring Photo

Recently I have had my hands on one of the first UK’s Google LG Nexus 4 smartphones (thanks Ed!). The phone is popular to the point that you actually cannot buy it directly from Google anymore; the Google Play store just says SOLD OUT for both 8GB and 16GB versions with no waiting list or anything you could add yourself to. But don’t you worry… just read on.

So… what’s so special about this just another Android phone? Well, the price! Google store has been selling it for respectively 239GBP (8GB storage) and 279GBP (16GB storage). This is very cheap for top-of-the range smartphone as those are normally 500-600GBP (sim/contract-free) when released; twice as much. The phone can be bought still from other sources, for example from O2 store for 399GBP (16GB) which is still a good price. Not good enough? Well, here comes our friend Amazon UK, head on there and you can bag yourself the 16GB version for just below 270GBP including UK delivery. That is actually even cheaper the Google store has been offering it for!

The Google Nexus 4 (LG made) is apparently sold unlocked in UK (works with every network), even if you would go for a contract one.

In brief, the specification is as follows:

  • 1.5GHz quad-core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor)
  • 2GB of RAM (current standard is 1GB)
  • large 4.7-inch display
  • 2100mAh battery (non-replaceable)
  • 8 Megapixel camera
  • latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software
  • wireless charging feature
  • NFC (Near Field Communication for wireless payments and data transfer)
  • no microSD card port, so the storage cannot be expanded
  • other usual stuff like GPS, barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, compass etc…

Very interesting fact is that the phone has a “secret” 4G LTE chipset in it. The 4G is NOT an official feature of the phone. Unfortunately even software hack would not be enough to get it going, some hardware mod would be required here.

The phone I was playing with was from the Google store. It came with applied both front and rear protection screen foils which is nice. You just need a bumper really and that’s it.

There was no wireless charger with it even the phone supports those, you cannot buy an official Google approved one just yet, too. You can do buy a compatible one (Qi) though, no problem.

The phone felt really really fast (the processor power is even slightly better then Samsung Galaxy S3). The screen animation is smooth (much better than Galaxy S2 but still not as good as any newer iPhone). The camera is good too, I compared couple of photos to my Galaxy S2 and could see much more details on Nexus’ ones. Bear in mind that if you are after great quality camera phone then you need to look elsewhere, i.e. Nokia PureView phones like this one.

What else? The handset looks good, I would not say great, but good. It is all black, feels sturdy and not heavy; has a nice back, too. I do prefer Samsung Galaxy S3 look though.

The battery is good but not great. Should keep you ok for a full day even on a heavy use.

The software is the newest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean one which is a really good OS. The clock app, for instance, is beautiful. The notification drawer has seen improvement, too, compared to Android ICS 4.0. You can now access your settings quickly through a two-finger gesture. It takes some getting used to at first, but being able to toggle the phone’s Wi-Fi on and off without digging through menus is worth the slight learning curve. There is a very useful permanent thin Google search bar at the top of the screen which is seen on every home screen. You get a 360 degree photo sphere panorama camera mode, too.

So all in all, this is a very good phone. Compared to for example Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s actually better in few ways (i.e. 2 x RAM memory, faster USB transfer speed) but somewhat worse in others (i.e. cannot expand storage or replace battery), but of course Nexus 4 comes over 100GBP cheaper. You can see detailed specs comparison here (thanks to great, in fact you can use the website to quickly compare this smartphone with almost any other.

If you own a mid-market phone now and you are after a high-end one without spending a lot, that’s the phone just for you!



I am sorry, I have been busy, lazy, tired, had nothing interesting to write about, had too much pizza, faithless… You pick, one. Yes, I have not written for months, but I am back!

So what have we missed? iPhone has grown up 😉 Windows 8 is out and nobody uses it (but it will change in 1-3 years). A next gen (or so they say current gen…) console Wii U is finally out thanks to Nintendo, brilliant thing for a family with youngsters but not necessary the rest.

Chelsea was winning Premier League and now they… are at only 4th place and got a new manager (which probably won’t help). United is back to the top.

Best-in-a-many-ways computer FPP shooter Battlefield 3 has sold well over 15 millions already (of course looks best on a PC, especially one you’ve spend 1000 GBP+ on), the overpriced-and-should-be-free Premium version has not sold anywhere close as well as the vanilla version and won’t unless become free or 10GBP.

I don’t eat wheat for some time now as apparently it is worse than fat and sugar and I have started going to the gym again and I love it this time – thank you Pure Gym. Made my 5k treadmill run today in a record 30 min.

…and Amazon UK has just had its Black Friday week (what’s a bizarre name!?) and made any couriers and Royal Mail people work a nightmare (plus made loads of money, especially because not paying that much taxes). Regardless the “downsides”, the Amazon UK week made loads of people happy (which includes myself) and for many made the Christmas come in November this year 😉

I promise to write soon, possibly review one of my new gadgets.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

Lazy Dog Walking

The fact that EURO 2012 is hosted in the country of my origin makes me a little bit proud 🙂

The level of football this year seems particulary high as well, it is a pleasure to watch the matches. Sure, some referees seem to not really know what they are doing by giving cards when they should not or not noticing some situations where a free kick should be given but hooo, nobody is perfect.

Spain doesn’t look that strong this year so IMHO, they are not going to win this time. Who is? I would not dare to guess, not yet.

But what’s about you, who do you think can be a winner this time?

I was browsing the Internet on Friday and quite accidently opened a website where I was told Blizzard is hosting an open public beta of Diablo III this weekend.

While, I am not a die-hard fan of Diablo franchise (Elder Scrolls is my kind of RPG games really), I have spent many hours of night time playing Diablo when I was young.

I remember the games were utterly addictive and “only one more level…” thoughts were a norm while playing around 1-2am in the morning.

So, I have downloaded the game quite quickly thanks to fast broadband (it took around 15min) and started to install it. Once installed, I had to retrieve my account details which took me a while, but, that was nothing… The trouble started when I tried to login with the correct details. Basically, the European servers decided to give me an error message (“Error 3003”) every time I tried to login. After many tries and googling around, I found that changing to US servers in the config should help. Eventually, after many additional tries I did get to connect successfully, however “servers are full” message will be present in my dreams to come for days.

So, is the new Diablo III any good?

Well, it’s georgeous! You can feel the old good Diablo in it, fantastic background music, graphics and effects. Loads of NPCs to speak and fight along with, loooads of items to find, and beautifully ugly monsters to slash or kill by other means.

IMHO, Blizzard has actually put too many items now, and it’s too easy to find magical ones, too. You can probably fix it by playing on higher difficulty level so that’s not a problem.

It looks like the game will work on not so powerful machines too, which is good for all of you which don’t spend on computers that much anymore. I could run it on maximum resolution and highest graphics details settings with a very smooth gameplay while not having a ridiculous expensive or new set.

So, if you are a Diablo addict or would like to try something new from the company which makes great games like Starcraft or WoW, that’s a title for you. Diablo III is coming out next month, on 15th May.

0Like it!